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HKU-Tel Aviv Innovation Hub offers unique programs combining classroom instruction with hands-on experience in the heart of Israel’s entrepreneurial and technology development ecosystem, as well as educational tourism across the country. Participants have the opportunity to deepen their practical understanding of the high-tech sector, learn new skills, and expand their cultural horizons. 

Open to HKU’s advanced degree students and alumni, as well as to business executives, the programs include accredited courses covering various current developments among high-tech startups and established corporations. Instructors include Israeli academic lecturers and representatives of governmental organization, startups, VCs and multinational corporations.

 The length and scope of the programs vary and can range from a including 3-day intensive executive education to a degree exchange program spanning several weeks.

Participants learn about various aspects of the latest technology trends and developments in both startups and established corporations, with courses covering subjects such as design thinking, open innovation, product management, fintech, blockchain, start-up financing, big data, and more.

 Programs are designed to offer not only a unique intellectual and academic experience but provide exposure and engagement with startups and stakeholders in the Israeli tech ecosystem, along with tours focused on understanding the innovation DNA of Israel through history and culture

Advanced Degree Programs

Advanced degree students from the University of Hong Kong Business School can take accredited courses as part of a degree program to expand their knowledge and learn new skills

Executive Education & Non-Degree Programs

For corporate leaders and HKU alumni, learning never really ends. Join us at the HKU-TLV Hub for degree or non-degree programs that will serve you in your current and future roles, wherever they may take you.

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