The Capstone Course

Immersion into Israeli Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Innovation has become one of the most important skills necessary to adapt to and survive in the changing business environment. Israel values innovation and is a world leader in the number of startups per capita and is the home of numerous R&D centers of Multinational Corporations, making it the perfect lens through which to learn about building innovation.

This program will provide a glimpse into the Israeli startup ecosystem and will provide a sense of how to grow such a culture. By understanding the essence of innovation and entrepreneurship, participants will be able to enhance their current business value proposition and create new business models to address escalating human needs.

Participants in this program will learn firsthand the principles of innovation and entrepreneurship, including identifying unmet needs, ideation, MVP prototyping, and market entry strategies.

This is an immersive program that will provide participants with an up-close and personal encounter with the Israeli startup ecosystem, exposing them to both tremendous success stories, and glorious failures – providing invaluable take-aways to the Israeli secret sauce of the startup nation.


This unique offering will include:

  • An introduction to the entrepreneurship and innovation of the Startup Nation.
  • Understanding the Innovation DNA of Israel through history and culture – a series of inspirational talks and lectures,
  • Domain deep dive in collaboration with Israeli startups & accelerators (fintech, smart cities, blockchain, digital health, femtech, construction-tech, food-tech, ag-tech, desert-tech, etc).
  • Inspirational talks: founder journeys (success and failure stories), the future of Health, etc.
  • Sprints and hackathons with startups and ecosystem stakeholders.
  • Weekend tours and lectures in how the innovation culture has been affected by the unique history, including tours of Israel.
  • Exploring the culture of Tel-Aviv and Israel in General (and the great food!)
  • Policy perspectives: meeting with the VC community and government representatives.
  • Visits to innovation centers and accelerators across the country.

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