Open Innovation and Beyond

The Execution of Innovation in the Startup Nation

Innovation has become one of the most important skills necessary to adapt to and survive in the changing business environment. Companies are not short of ideas or ideation methods – they are short of execution of innovative ideas. So how do we improve the rate of executed ideas?

During this course, led by senior innovation leaders in global corporations, we will learn the tools, methods, and roadmap, to execute innovation and connect faster to the ecosystem. Participants will be able to understand the essence of innovation and entrepreneurship and enhance their current business’ intra-preneurship.

Israel values innovation and is a world leader in the number of startups per capita, and the home of dozens of Multinational organizations’ R&D centers (like Intel, Microsoft, etc.). Therefore, it is the perfect lens through which to study about building innovation, and how it can be used as a catalyst for intra-preneurship inside organizations. The course will also provide a glimpse into the roadmap of an Israeli innovation venture, providing examples of Israeli success stories and the Israeli Ecosystem.


Course highlights include:

  • Understanding innovation barriers and catalysts.
  • Exploring new ideas in the field of innovation.
  • Understanding the role of fixedness and how to overcome it.
  • Learning tools to run an innovation-proof-of-concept process.
  • Creating a personal innovation roadmap (receiving a handbook)
  • Learn and engage with Israeli innovation leaders from global MNCs who have chosen to make Israel their R&D base.

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