Accessing the markets of Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia

Go-to-Market Sprint with business executives from Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area

19/04/2024 to 26/04/2024

Tel Aviv

HKU-TLV Innovation Hub is proud to invite promising Israeli startups to participate in a unique GTM Sprint, on April 19, 2023, targeted at accessing the markets of Hong Kong, China, and Southeast Asia.

During this full-day sprint, participants will investigate business cases and devise marketing strategies to address the needs of participating startups. The sprint will be led by leading Israeli business executives and mentors (who lead similar sprints at the Wharton School of Business and at Cornell Tech).

Among the participants are senior bankers and managers of funds, hedge funds, and global corporations. This is an excellent opportunity to pitch your business opportunity and gain valuable, first-hand insights from execs who live and operate in these markets, on how to best define and access the numerous opportunities of the Asian markets.

Startups who wish to participate are asked to submit a short deck that will be circulated to participants ahead of the sprint, for optimized preparation. Selected startups will be invited to give a brief presentation about their company at the beginning of the sprint (20 minutes) and will be invited to judge the best pitches at the end of the day.

From previous events held, we know that startups gained invaluable insights and made strategic on-the-ground connections.

For further information, and for submitting your decks, please contact [email protected].

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