How to Fintech? Dissecting Financial Innovation

Course Description

After almost two decades of accelerated financial innovation, it is time to better understand what makes Fintech succeed and even more importantly – what doesn’t. There is no better place to do so than in Israel, one of the top 3 Fintech hubs in the world and by far the leader in Fintech startups and Unicorns per capita.

The instructors, who have both an academic and vast practical experience, will walk students through topics which affect the success and failure of financial innovation using real life Fintech cases. Furthermore, in every session leading industry experts will provide first-hand views on these dos and don’ts and will help students understand why Israel is so successful in innovation.

After students re-live these Fintech challenges and talk with industry experts, they will utilize their knowledge both in a sprint innovation process at the cutting edge of Fintech disruption and in a critically analysis of a real-life startup which interests them.

Course objectives

1. Learn about one of the most currently disruptive verticals in the most innovative country in the world.
2. Learn and understand where the world is going in terms of DAO, Crypto, NFT, P2P lending, Alternative Data, and more.
3. Get a first-hand view on the success factors of innovation in General and Fintech in particular.
4. Talk with industry experts to find what drives them and how to become successful entrepreneurs.
5. Develop a critical reasoning approach to analyze innovation processes.
6. Engage with faculty, experts, and students in a practical workshop to develop an investor pitch deck and trial pitch.
7. Create tangible outcomes including Fintech Initiatives & startups that address real life challenges.

The Instructors

  • Dr. Ari Achiaz

    Dr Ari Achiaz is a leading expert in both traditional finance and Fintech. Ari serves as a consultant and head of product innovation and research for several Fintech companies, mainly in the Wealthtech industry. In addition, Dr. Achiaz is the managing director of the Blockchain Research Institute at Tel Aviv University. Furthermore, he is a founding partner and head of research at a cyber crisis management consultancy company. Dr. Achiaz holds a B.A in Economics and Management, an MBA and a Ph.D. in Finance, all from the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University in Israel. His research involves different aspects of capital markets, innovations in financial services and interaction between Fintech and human or regulatory aspects.

  • Dr. Milly Perry

    Dr. Milly Perry is an expert consultant in innovation, blockchain and R&D for corporations, governments, startups and investors in the fields of 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies. Dr. Perry is the founder of DAO4DAOs institute and BUG Blockchain University Global consultancy and serves as Head of Blockchain excellence center at the Israeli chamber of Information Technology, as board member at the Israel Fintech Community and as a member of the academic body of INATBA International Trusted Blockchain Applications Association. Milly is also engaged as an expert in leading international projects including the World Economic Forum, the ISO Blockchain Governance Group, the European Blockchain Association and Blockchain Alliance Europe. Dr. Perry holds a Ph.D. in Information Science and a Ph.D. in Art and Culture Sciences. She is an academic lecturer in several academic institutes in Israel and a frequent lecturer in international conferences. Dr. Perry is the author of the book "Blockchain – Turning Ego-System to Ecosystem", which includes a variety of use cases, blockchain principles and practical ideas.

Starts 16/05/2022

Ends 23/06/2022

Lecture Date/HK Time Topic
1 May 16 (Mon)


Kick off – Introduction to course

1.    Introduction to Lecturers

2.    Course’s objectives

3.    Introduction to Fintech

2 May 19 (Thu)


Financing Fintech

Valuation and funding in Fintech – what do investors look for when considering a fintech investment?

3 May 23 (Mon)


The human factor in Fintech – Case of Robo-Advisors

Since most fintech solution aim to solve retail clients needs, how does the human factor affect the success?

4 May 26 (Thu)


Regulation is both a challenge & an opportunity – Case of AI

AI creates many opportunities for disruption, however it creates new problems – what is the role of regulation?

5 May 30 (Mon)


Uniqueness is key to success – Case of Digital Lending

Some digital lenders are the most successful Fintech companies, and some aren’t – spotting the difference

6 June 2 (Thu)


Utilizing new Data – Case of Investment Alternative Data

Alternative data can be used widely – exploring the possibilities for investment porpuses

7 June 6 (Mon)


Blue ocean Fintech – Blockchain, Crypto & NFTs

Fintech creates not only better services but also new types of services or business models

8 June 9 (Thu) Kickoff to the Ideation

Understanding the concept of ideation and preparing for the Sprint ideation

9+10 June 12 (Sun)


Ideation – DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization & Defi (Decentralized Finance)

1.   Understanding the values and needs of DAO and Defi

2.   ideating and co-creating solutions

3.   Preparing an investor deck & pitch for initial review

11 June 16 (Thu)


“Dress rehearsal”

Touch base with the course’s instructors and preparation for the final presentation

12 June 20 (Mon)


1.   Presenting the solutions

2.   Judging and best projects announced


13 June 23 (Thu)



WEB3 and science fiction

The next evolution of the world wide web – more than just finance

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